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Who makes your products?

All products are hand made by myself in Sydney, Australia.

Where does your timber come from? Is it sustainably sourced?

The timber that I use is either salvaged, recycled or sustainably sourced.

Salvaged timber is either locally sourced from tree surgeons working in my local area or from trusted suppliers salvaging and milling timber within a few hours drive from Sydney.

Occasionally I use exotic species from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified sources. 

The provenance of the timber used to make each item is included in the product description in my online shop.

What finish do you use on your wooden items?

All products are treated with food safe Organic Flax Seed oil or Mineral Oil Beeswax blend. Each item will need re-treating over time with a food safe wood wax or oil to keep them looking their best. It is best to avoid using non-drying oils like olive oil, canola oil and other common cooking oils as they can go rancid. Walnut oil, Flax seed/Linseed oil, Hemp Oil are all good to use and are readily available. Alternatively Mineral Oil or Liquid Paraffin is suitable and available from your local Chemist.

Some items may be finished with Livos Kunos oil a food safe, linseed oil based finish. Care for these items as above.

How do I clean and care for my wooden items?

Hand wash items in warm soapy water. Rinse and dry in a dish rack upside down so bowls etc. can drain. Do not soak. If items become furry after their first wash, lightly sand down using a fine grit sandpaper (400 grit) until smooth and re-oil with a food safe wood oil or wax.

Never put wooden goods in the dishwasher or leave soaking in water. 

Never put wooden items in the microwave.

How Do I Pay? Where Do You Ship?

Pay by credit card through Paypal. I ship anywhere within Australia.

I run a homewares shop or gallery, can I stock your product?

Please get in touch and we can discuss the possibility.